You’ve seen the roadshows at the shopping malls–pop-up retailers selling vibrating massage chairs and standing vibration plates. These machines are supposed to help with general health wellness, weight loss, and light exercise. For time-starved and aging individuals, or those with muscular or degenerative issues, vibration therapy can provide the benefits of passive exercise, such as lymphatic draining and the release of nitric oxide. But not all vibration machines at the same, because not all vibrations are good for the human body.

When vibrations can harm
Too strong (intensity in grams and amplitude)
Too irregular (too much amplitude or frequency variation)
Too much (duration of the vibration treatment)
Too uncontrolled (in 3 directions and irregular frequency/amplitude)
In industrial settings where workers may experience whole body vibrations caused by work equipment (including pneumatic tools), lower back pain and spinal degeneration can result from overexposure and uncontrolled vibration.

The key to experiencing the health benefits of vibration therapy is short-term exposure and the quality of vibration–it’s axis of motion, magnitude, frequency and the shape of the periodic acceleration.

Types of Vibration
Two main types of vibration are commonly offered on the home vibration therapy market:

Pivotal, oscillation, or rotational vibration (see-saw motion)
Lineal vibration (up and down)
So far, different health benefits have been found for both types of whole body vibration:

Pivotal Vibration
More suited for those with neck pain (less motion affecting the head)
More suited for those with headache issues

Lineal Vibration
Great for massage and therapy on the legs and feet
Better for weight loss and lymphatic drainage, which is helped by up-and-down motion

What to look for
Any purchase of whole body vibration equipment should pay attention to the amplitude and range of frequency offered, and the type of, and direction of vibration.

Two further variations are available for vibration therapy:
Whole Body Vertical Vibration
Whole Body Periodic Acceleration

Whole Body Vertical Vibration
WBVV works in the body by generating a force against gravity. Applying this mechanical force consistently yields a vertical reaction force that stimulates the whole musculo-skeletal nervous system. (This is why if the vibration is too strong or irregular, it can do harm to the body.) Whole Body Harmonic Vertical Vibration is a rapid and small amplitude vibration (1-10mm, at 1g intensity). The intensity and direction should be controlled in order to be of health benefit.

The principle behind WBVV is tonic vibration reflex, a muscular contraction and reaction to the vibration that stimulates and affects hormone secretion in the body. Scientists have noticed hormonal responses after WBHVV, such as Adiponectin, Osteocalcin, transforming growth factor-beta 1, nitric oxide, tPA and PAl-1. Other noted effects:
increasing bone density
increasing muscle balance and coordination
eases pain in lower back
improves cardiovascular function
decreases body fat
lowers blood sugar
helps stroke rehabilitation
improves fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue
improves chronic constipation
helps in athlete training
helps in rehabilitating patients with Parkinson’s, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and those who have had a stroke (please consult a doctor first.)

Whole Body Periodic Acceleration
WBPA is a passive exercise method in which an individual lies on a device that vibrates his or her whole body horizontally. The horizontal vibration stimulates endothelial cells of the vascular wall and produces shearing force in the blood vessels, which helps elicit nitric oxide (NO) to be released in the body. NO is a soluble gas smaller than oxygen and has been recognised as an important biological messenger in the body, like insulin and hormones. It can relax vascular muscles, dilate blood vessels and protect organs such as the heart and brain. In summary, nitric oxide:
expands blood vessels
accelerates new blood vessel formation
increases blood flow (circulation)
reduces platelet aggregation
reduces white blood cells adhering to the vascular walls
suppresses vascular inflammation
increases blood perfusion

A decade of clinical studies around Whole Body Periodic Acceleration has found that it has benefits for:
Preventing and ameliorating ischemic heart disease
Preventing and reducing complication of myocardial infarction
Preventing and ameliorating peripheral vascular circulation and disease
Enhancing cell antioxidant capacity, reduce inflammation, raise survival rates during emergencies
Preventing cerebral infarction, thrombotic stroke, arteriosclerosis
Reducing pulmonary hypertension and asthma symptoms
Improving heart and lung functions
Preventing and improving diabetes and hypertension
Reducing cardiovascular sequelae due to hypoxia, increasing survival rate
improving Parkinson disease
Enhance sex ability
Improving body aches, soreness and stiffness
Regenerating stem cell tissue

Try It Out
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