Weight loss is a major concern in today’s modern society. As daily work, especially in cities, shifted more to an office-based lifestyle, our activity has become more sedentary. At the same time, the lure of indulging in food and snacks, often fried in heavy oils or fatty in content, have contributed to a lifestyle where it is so easy to become unhealthily overweight, or even obese.

What it means to be Overweight
To clear up a big myth, being overweight is not about being too heavy. There is an old stereotype about “watching your weight”. But, some very healthy, very strong athletes can weight 100kg, and professional bodybuilders may be even heavier.

Athletes may be far heavier than an average person, but their weight is largely made up of muscle and bone. A fit athlete can have a body fat percentage of 20% or less even if he is heavy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you may have an obese person of the same weight as the athlete, but with a high body fat ratio. The main focus of your concern should be the amount of fat you have in your body, not the weight.

Man pumping iron
Bodybuilders may weigh heavy on the scales, but their weight is from muscle, not fat.

Having a high level of body fat puts our bodies at great risk. This can cause high levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream, which can lead to inflammation, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Being overweight also makes the muscles weaken, will impede agility and movement, and may cause cancer. Mental illness is also a possible side effect of being obese, especially in modern day society where the media has made us value looking fit and vanity. Public “fat-shaming” and low self-esteem can develop into severe depression for overweight people.

Controlling body fat
Traditionally, most people are familiar with the 3 main methods of dealing with being overweight – Diet, Exercise and Medication.

In diets, you have to control your food intake, and change your eating habits. This is often not easy, as you have to tolerate hunger, or be mentally stressed by fighting the cravings and urges for your favourite food.

Exercise is a healthy, popular option, but the process is slow. It takes weeks, if not months, of steady commitment to find the effort and time to exercise regularly. Depending on the type of person you are, there is also the question of how enjoyable the sessions are, and inversely, how effective they are.

Some people may also be restricted in the types or forms of exercise they can do. Fat burning is most effective with cardiovascular exercise, eg running, skipping rope or swimming. However, due to injuries, allergies, age or other limitations, some people may have trouble participating in these high intensity, high impact type of exercises.

Those who may not have the time or effort for the above 2 methods, may turn to pills as a way to reduce their body fat levels. Such pills may affect your appetite, or claim to burn fat without any further effort. But using such medication carries some level of risk, in terms of unknown side effects, or limiting your nutritional intake.

A return to health
The science of Vibrational Therapy, a cutting edge innovation that is being used today for sports therapy and various kinds of body treatment, has opened the door for a new way of reducing and controlling body fat.

In a study of 55 women at the University of Oklahoma, Fjeldstad C tested Vibration as a supplementary treatment to resistance exercise. Those who went through the exercise sessions experienced an increase in their body mass from muscle training, but those who also underwent vibration therapy saw a significant decrease of their body fat.

Vissers D from the University of Antwerp conducted a similar experiment. Over the course of a year, he studied weight loss in almost 80 people, divided into 4 groups – The Control, a Diet-only group, a Diet + Fitness group, and a Diet + Vibration group. The findings showed that because of the use of Vibration, the last group not only showed a great decrease in body fat, but also came out tops for the longest MAINTAINED weight loss across the entire year.

One more case study (out of many more examples that we unfortunately don’t have space to mention) came from Dr Wilms B from Kantonsspital St Gallen in Switzerland. They tested obese women who went through endurance training with and without Vibration therapy, and found that with vibration, the effectiveness of reducing body fat DOUBLED.

How Vibration works against Body Fat
The science behind using vibration to battle the buldge lies in the Mesenchymal stem cells. This group of cells can develop into either bone cells, or fat cells.

Vibration inhibits the formation of an enzyme called GSK-3ß that is responsible for fat formation and accumulation in the body, and this influences the Mesenchymal cells to become bone cells instead of fat cells.

This new field of study called Mesenchymal Stem Cell Mechanobiology actually means that this is a new method of reducing body fat, completely different from the traditional methods that rely on raising metabolic rates.

Weight loss at Bgreen Sport Furniture
Here at Bgreen, we offer Vibrational therapy that will assist fat loss and long term body fat control. The most effective treatment is to do regular vibration sessions with our high tech vibration machines. The treatment is safe for all ages, and can accommodate most all ailments or obesity levels. For more information on what is suitable for you, arrange for a free demo and consultation with our staff.