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Exclusive Sole Distributorship of Bgreen Sport Furniture in Malaysia and Singapore. A worldwide patent technology strongly recommend by doctors and medical professional.

Whole Body Vertical Vibration (WBVV)

It is the easiest and the most effective exercise in the world. Many clinical studies has proven that it helps you exercise passively through the impact of gravity.
Vibration = 0 Exercise Injuries Risk

Whole Body Periodic Acceleration (WBPA)

The clinical studies has proven that this therapy help to produce nitric oxide, prevent from cardiovascular diseases, improve blood circulation and regenerate the stem cell tissues, it will keep you away from all kinds of chronic diseases.


BGREEN was founded in Taiwan, in 2006. “Health Embodied Love” is our core value, and to make our living environment full of love, and further to be the protector for you health is our ultimate ideal.

We have dedicated to promoting sports medicine and rehabilitation for more than 10 years. With the clinical research and the theory of Whole Body Vertical Vibration (WBVV) & Whole Body Periodic Acceleration (WBPA), we have become the leading brand in the world, and developed a complete series of Sport Furniture products with the invention patent from worldwide.

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